Commented UPC

After some bumpy CMS first few days, the UPC is now operating!

To help you navigate the relevant legal provisions, we have compiled a linked and cross-referenced version of the UPC Agreement and of the UPC Rules of Procedure.

While a significant amount of work and care has been devoted to cross-referencing and checking the content, we do not ensure that the content, or the cross-referencing, is correct. If you notice any error, let us know and we will fix it.

As soon as the decisions start being released we will enrich the website with comments to the relevant Articles and Rules, as well as information such as statistics on preferred litigation venues, duration of proceedings, etc. Help will likely be needed to cope with the amount of material to be processed so that if you feel like becoming part of the project, send us a line.

We welcome any feedback and hope this website can be of use to all legal practitioners out there.

New! The table of Court fees has been added and its cross-references are now live. For example, go check out Rule 370 – Court fees!

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