Article 33

Financial Regulations

Agreement On A Unified Patent Court

Annex I – Statute of the Unified Patent Court

Chapter 3 – Financial provisions

Article 33 – Financial Regulations
  1. The Financial Regulations shall be adopted by the Administrative Committee. They shall be amended by the Administrative Committee on a proposal from the Court.
  2. The Financial Regulations shall lay down in particular:
    1. arrangements relating to the establishment and implementation of the budget and for the rendering and auditing of accounts;
    2. the method and procedure whereby the payments and contributions, including the initial financial contributions provided for in Article 37 of the Agreement are to be made available to the Court;
    3. the rules concerning the responsibilities of authorising and accounting officers and the arrangements for their supervision; and
    4. the generally accepted accounting principles on which the budget and the annual financial statements are to be based.

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