Rule 105

Holding the interim conference

Rules of Procedure

Part 1 – Procedures before the Court of First Instance

Chapter 2 – Interim procedure

Interim Conference

Rule 105 – Holding the interim conference
  1. The interim conference should, where practicable, be held by telephone conference or by video conference.
  2. On request by a party, subject to paragraph 1 and the approval of the judge-rapporteur, the interim conference may be held in Court. If the interim conference is held in Court, it shall be open to the public unless the Court decides to make it, to the extent necessary, confidential in the interests of one or both parties or third parties or in the general interests of justice or public order.
  3. The judge-rapporteur may hold the interim conference in any language agreed by the parties’ representatives.
  4. Rule 103 shall apply mutatis mutandis.
  5. Following the interim conference, the judge-rapporteur shall issue an order setting out the decisions taken.

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