Rule 175

Written witness statement

Rules of Procedure

Part 2 – Evidence

Chapter 1 – Witnesses and experts of the parties

Rule 175 – Written witness statement
  1. A party seeking to offer witness evidence shall lodge a written witness statement or a written summary of the evidence to be given.
  2. A written witness statement shall be signed by the witness and shall include a statement of the witness that he is aware of his obligation to tell the truth and of his liability under applicable national law in the event of any breach of this obligation. The statement shall set out the language in which the witness shall give oral evidence, if necessary.
  3. The written witness statement or written summary of the evidence to be given shall set out:
    1. any current or past relationship between the witness and the party offering the evidence; and
    2. any actual or potential conflict of interest that may affect the impartiality of the witness.

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