Rule 225

Contents of the Statement of appeal

Rules of Procedure

Part 4 – Procedures before the court of appeal

Chapter 1 – Written procedure

Section 1 – Statement of appeal, statement of grounds of appeal

Rule 225 – Contents of the Statement of appeal

The Statement of appeal shall contain:

  1. the names of the appellant and of the appellant’s representative;
  2. the names of the respondent and of the respondent’s representative;
  3. postal and electronic addresses for service on the appellant and on the respondent, as well as the names of the persons authorised to accept service;
  4. the date of the decision or order appealed against and the action number attributed to the file in proceedings before the Court of First Instance; and
  5. the order or remedy sought by the appellant, including any order for expedition of the appeal pursuant to Rule 9.3(b) and the reasons justifying such order for expedition.

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