Rule 230

Recording in the register (Court of Appeal)

Rules of Procedure

Part 4 – Procedures before the court of appeal

Chapter 1 – Written procedure

Section 1 – Statement of appeal, statement of grounds of appeal

Rule 230 – Recording in the register (Court of Appeal)
  1. If the Statement of appeal complies with the requirements referred to in Rule 229.1, the Registry shall:
    1. record the date of receipt to the Statement of appeal and an action number to the appeal file;
    2. record the appeal file in the register;
    3. inform the appellant of the action number and the date of receipt; and
    4. serve the Statement of appeal on all parties to the proceedings at first instance.
  2. The action shall be assigned to a panel according to Rule 345.3 and .8.
  3. The panel shall as soon as practicable decide whether to grant any order for expedition pursuant to Rule 225(e) having given the parties an opportunity to be heard.

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