Rule 315

Statement in intervention

Rules of Procedure

Part 5 – General provisions

Chapter 6 – Parties to proceedings

Section 5 – Intervention

Rule 315 – Statement in intervention
  1. If an Application to intervene is admissible, the judge-rapporteur or the presiding judge shall:
    1. inform the parties to proceedings; and
    2. specify a period within which the intervener may lodge a Statement in intervention.
  2. The Registry shall as soon as practicable serve on the intervener any written pleading served by the parties. On a reasoned request by a party the Court may for the protection of confidential information order that a pleading or part of a pleading be disclosed only to certain named persons and subject to appropriate terms of non-disclosure.
  3. The Statement in intervention shall contain:
    1. a statement as to the issues involving the intervener and one or more of the parties, and their connection to the matters in dispute;
    2. the arguments of law; and
    3. the facts and evidence relied on.
  4. The intervener shall be treated as a party, unless otherwise ordered by the Court.

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