Rule 342

Dates, times and place of the sittings of the Court

Rules of Procedure

Part 5 – General provisions

Chapter 9 – Rules relating to the organisation of the Court

Rule 342 – Dates, times and place of the sittings of the Court
  1. The duration of judicial vacations shall be fixed by the President of the Court of Appeal, on a proposal from the Presidium. The dates and times of the sittings of the Court shall be decided by the presiding judge of the panel in question.
  2. The Court may choose to hold one or more particular sittings in a place other than that in which it has its seat. Subject to any rules agreed by the relevant Contracting Member States pursuant to Article 7(5) of the Agreement where an action is pending before a regional division the judge-rapporteur or the presiding judge shall designate the place within the region for each hearing having regard to the residence or place of business of the defendant and all other relevant circumstances such as the facilities available, the financial means of the parties and the place of actual or threatened infringement.

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Article 17 – Judicial vacations

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