Rule 378A

Type of proof

Rules of Procedure

Part 6 – Fees and legal aid

Legal aid

Rule 378A – Type of proof
  1. To be admissible, the application must contain a statement of the facts and legal situation, with specific mention of the evidence to be presented. The application must also contain a statement regarding the economic and financial situation of the applicant. The following documents shall be attached to the application:
    1. (a) latest property and income declarations of the applicant;
    2. (b) a document showing the personal monthly income for the previous year, or a declaration of unemployment delivered by the competent authorities, or a certificate proving that the applicant is receiving aid or financial support under a social welfare scheme;
    3. (c) a certificate of composition of household;
    4. (d) any other official document that can provide proof of the financial situation of the applicant.
  2. Where appropriate, a certificate relating to the income of other members of the household of the applicant should also be attached to the application. The official documents shall not be older than 3 months. At the request of the Court, the applicant shall produce further documentation and, if so requested, an affidavit of the truthfulness of his statements, otherwise the application will not be admissible.

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