Rule 9

Powers of the Court

Rules of Procedure

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Rule 9 – Powers of the Court
  1. The Court may, at any stage of the proceedings, of its own motion or on a reasoned request by a party, make a procedural order such as to order a party to take any step, answer any question or provide any clarification or evidence, within time periods to be specified.
  2. The Court may disregard any step, fact, evidence or argument which a party has not taken or submitted in accordance with a time limit set by the Court or these Rules.
  3. Subject to paragraph 4, on a reasoned request by a party, the Court may:
    1. extend, even retrospectively, a time period referred to in these Rules or imposed by the Court; and
    2. shorten any such time period.
  4. The Court shall not extend the time periods referred to in Rules 198.1, 213.1 and 224.1.

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